I am currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration. With this degree, I am looking for better opportunities in the business industry and to strengthen my management skills with a degree that will open the door for advancement. I have 11 years of experience in management, 8 years being the Director of Administration with a promotion to Business Manager of 3 years in a charter school. Also, managing a successful staff of 25 employees within the different departments from clerical staff in the business office, kitchen staff, lunchroom monitors, janitorial staff and security staff as well.
In addition, I was also responsible for reports to the State of Michigan entering data for student and teacher’s records, along with shot records to the Genesee County Health Department for audits. I was also responsible for the audits of files and records for student and teachers, lunch program data for students and audit information to the Genesee Intermediate School District. I feel that I have accomplished goals within these area, but, seeking higher expectations for myself to become more marketable to employers and not surrounding a school setting.
I considered myself to be a team player and work well others to accomplish the goals set by the company and myself. In order to be a valuable employee you have to set the tone of the company through great representation so, that the employees would strive for excellence within themselves. Through hard work, goals and equality to employees I could be a positive role replica within your company. Even though, I have strict expectations for myself I feel that I could be a positive force within your company that can be the key to a successful company and productive employees.
Meeting daily quotas and being organized is just a few accomplishments I have set for myself, but, is willing to be a person that is open to change and could have the employees to strive for the same goals. I feel that technical communication is important because in my career it will cut down on paper usage and the cost of maintenance for copiers. It can also enhance different areas like, orientation and training purposes. This could be a lower cost to many companies and will be less time consuming dealing pricing.