Why should I hire you (skill set)?

I’m committed to accomplishing goals through strong leadership skills.  If your company is looking for a highly optimistic person and has based their success on team building then I am the person for the job. I surely know my abilities can make me stand apart from the rest of the candidates. Through hard work and commitment there should be no reason why I cannot achieve the goals of the company. Also, I can adjust to any situation and can work with my fellow colleagues and make this a great opportunity to learn from others which will help me to expand my knowledge. Lastly, the best thing is to have a collaborated working environment for employees to be more productive.

How has your education prepared you for your career?

I learned from firsthand experiences to grow within any company I needed to earn my degree.  I realize the power this degree would have; along with my work experience to increase my chances of becoming a highly qualified candidate in the field of management. The economy is becoming increasingly worst when it comes to employment.  So, I knew this was something I needed to help advance me within my career and to have a stable promising job within our economy.  Making this choice of earning my degree has already started to change my way of thinking; and have shown me through hard work and studying it would increase my chances of success within my life.

Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor?

Yes I did and it was because I felt he was not committed to his job as a leader.  I found myself doing things to help him shine as my boss and he was taking advantage of the situation. He didn’t appreciate my loyalty to the job and the employees.  This went on for over a year maybe two, I found myself stressed all the time when I came home from work.  I decided I needed to address the situation and give dates and times of incidents where I felt he was not being committed to his employees.  After, two hours of discussing my concerns with him we came to a mutual agreement of helping each other not one person having an unlimited work load to bear alone.

Are you a team player? 

Yes, the job I worked dealt with audits, reports and tons of paper work including being over different departments.  I had an office staff of 4 people and in our weekly meeting we established grounds rules of how we wanted to accomplish our goals by helping each other and working together.  Each had individual jobs, but when it came to reports and audits they would help each other to accomplish the requirements needed.  Even though I was the business manager, my title did not stop me from chiming in to help my staff accomplish their goals as well.   Everyone respected each other as a person which made the working environment less stressful.