What is service learning?

Service learning is when you work or participate for a company for ex: Big Brothers and Sister, Easter Seal, and assist in providing services for the company to consumers.  Service learning provides hands on experiences and helps you understand how the company operates and what the job consists of when it comes to helping people.  You as a volunteer will help provide a learning skill that will help consumers.  Service learning is an excellent way to boost your resume when looking for employment.  This is a great tool to help people learn different companies and their services they provide.

What are your expectations along with any apprehension you have about this project?

I have always carried high expectations for myself to strive for perfection or as close as you can get it.  I don’t think I have any concern for this project.  I believe that communication is always the best answer to any solution.  To communicate as a team member and everyone participate and manage their part the project will be a success. A project only fails when a person avoid doing their part and cut off communication.

 What skills will transfer over to your current or future career?

The skills I think will carry over to my future career will be team building and organizational skills.  These are two areas I believe you can never stop growing in, you can’t always choose who is on your team but, you can learn how to be a leader and be a positive person and help others to succeed as well.  Organizational skills are one of my strong points, to be given a task along with instructions and you are to make a finish product is a great challenge to me.  I think you have to use your mind on how you will complete the project and end up victorious.  That’s where my leadership skills will come in handy.  It’s about the end of the day; you will never finish everything on your list.  But, if you complete some things on the list you were lucky until tomorrow.